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Typhoon Ulysses Donation Drive for Marikina

We all witnessed 1st hand or thru the news on what typhoon Ulysses has brought to the affected regions in its path. The devastation was massive. We have so many reasons to be thankful, for those of us who were spared by the typhoon's wrath of destruction and flooding.

We are doing a fundraising drive for the victims of the typhoon in Marikina City in coordination with Marikina Councilor Paul Dayao who currently assembling relief goods in his personal capacity at his residence. We can support by donating in kind: Food Packs, Medicine, Used clothing, Toys. 

Please scroll down below to donate.


STEPS in Donating

STEP 1 : Fillup Online Donor form below.
  • At the "Items willing to donate" click the "+" at the right side.
  • Click the pink row that will appear.
  • Choose Type of Donation and enter donation and quantity.
STEP 2 : Wait for email with information of Donee.
STEP 3 : Contact Donee and arrange delivery of donation.
STEP 4 : Wait for thank you email from Donee when they received donation.

What is Digital Divide Phils.?

Despite the government’s mandate to shift to online classes, nearly half of the country’s households will have children skipping classes this year. Why? Because only few households have access to technology that can enable virtual classroom learning. 

Technological advances in food production enable farmers in other countries to produce more at less cost, thereby providing higher margins for farmers. Yet farmers in the Philippines remain among the poorest as they have no access to these new farming techniques and methods and, therefore, unable to compete with the global food market. 

 It is no secret that efficiency in today’s business operations can be attributed to transformation through digitalization. Yet many businesses stick to the status quo until it becomes more costly to keep the way things are. By then, it may be too late and they have lost their relevance.

Access to technology and mindset change are necessary to bring us at par with our Asian neighbors. And this is what Digital Divide Philippines is striving to achieve – to bring affordable technology closer to people and businesses and lessen the gap of digital divide.